Change is constant in Game of Thrones.  We hope you’re not getting too attached to any characters in particular, as their days are likely numbered if you are.  Even with the consistent doomsday-esque prediction that winter is indeed coming, the leaders and rulers of this show just cannot decide on a hierarchy to take them through the winter months.  They insist on trying a variety of new roles and in some cases, crowns, before the winter months hit, to ensure they have the perfect role for them.  And whilst this makes for, at times, gripping television, ensuring they have the right job before winter is a lesson we could all do with reviewing…

It always pays to review what your worth is at any time of the year, and yes, sometimes it can be a real drag to do so, but think of the potential rewards.  No longer just sitting in the same role because you’re comfortable, but in a job that you have a passion to complete to the very best of your ability!  No longer dragging yourself to work, but excited to solve the problems encountered each day, which require your expertise.  A team that’s excited to work with you, rather than just being another face in the crowd.  We’re sure we’ll have a role to suit your needs before the winter months roll in.

So, make like the kings and queens of Game of Thrones, try a new role, investigate the opportunities and maybe you’ll find something you’ve always wanted.  Our roles are varied across all our companies & investment arms, and we’re sure we can find a role to fit you, rather than you fitting into a role! 

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