For a few gifted individuals, personal career growth comes pretty naturally; their career is a metaphorical ladder which they climb a new step upwards every day.

For the rest of us; we have to make a bit more effort to develop our attitudes and work ethic. But first and foremost, we must understand why personal development is so important, and why it can make an impacts every aspect of your life, not just your job.

Increased confidence is sexy

When you attain greater experience and develop your job skills and knowledge, your confidence will inevitably grow. Throughout your career you should reflect on your successes and learn to build confidence, and don’t feel ashamed about bragging!... when appropriate, of course!

Research shows that there’s a clear link between confidence and success, and whilst we don’t endorse the idea of being a ‘flash Larry’, we definitely recommend that you build your self-esteem off the back of your achievements.

You must remember that your confidence is a reflection of how you feel about yourself, and people are more attracted to working with people who are confident. People find confidence super-sexy.

More resilience is sexy

Inevitably, your job will throw many challenges your way for you to deal with. Through learning to develop your problem-solving and issue-handling skills, you will build up more and more resilience to any impending problems around the corner. In the eyes of your colleagues, co-workers, and managers, your ability to face adversity head-on will command a lot of respect.

Better body language is sexy

As human beings, our communication methods extend beyond verbal exchanges. From the way we sit, to hand gestures and eye contact, our body language can paint many pictures in regards to our mood and work ethic.

By mastering your posture and the way in which your body communicates with other people, you can influence them in a positive way even before you’ve opened your mouth. Not only that, positive body language can help improve your productivity and effectiveness – helping you achieve any career goals that you set yourself.  

Elevated willpower is sexy

And finally… willpower. As you grow in confidence, resilience, and improve your body language, your willpower to succeed will naturally increase. There can be nothing sexier than the will to succeed. Willpower is essential if you want to make important achievements, and positively influences everything you do in your job. People love to work with people who are self-motivated, therefore, increasing your willpower is the real unsung hero of personal career development.

To conclude, developing yourself personally within your job will lead to more and more success, and will ultimately give you all the ingredients you need to enhance your quality of life outside of work, and become a person that even more people love!

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