“You’re mad. Bonkers.  Off your head … But I’ll tell you a secret … All of the best people are”

Some would say we’re off our head … a little bonkers … but it’s not so much of a secret anymore!  Well, not since the Sunday Times named us as one of the ‘Best Small Companies to Work For’.

The best people love to celebrate.  So down the rabbit hole we go, up the stairs and through the looking glass to … the McGinley Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. 

Mojiteas, Long Island and PG tips. Bacardi, burgers and top hats. They’ll all be there, if you’re on time.  Otherwise keep a close eye on your pocket watch.

Record breaking years, hard hours, minute to minute efforts, 2016 was a forever that seemed to pass in just one second for us at McGinley.  So, this Mad Hatters Tea Party is one that’s thoroughly deserved by one and all.

Let’s set our watches (they were two days slow) for this very important date to celebrate our mad, bonkers staff’s incredible achievements.

How do we know they’re all mad?  They must be, or else they wouldn’t be here…

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