McGinley, everyone matters. We know that our employees want to grow, wish to flourish and, if they’re enabled, the company will thrive.

So a few years ago, we began the McGinley Academy to help our consultants become all they can be. It’s designed to push them beyond what they think they can achieve so that they reach the levels we know they will achieve.

Helping our consultants to adapt to difficult situations, giving them the tools to deal with complex issues and allowing them to work toward their own innovative solutions is what we’re about.

We’re not scripting our employees, they’re here to grow, evolve and provide the solutions that will become the framework for future generations of the McGinley Group.

The McGinley Academy exists to give our consultants every resource possible to ensure they grow & evolve as they want. The McGinley Academy is one of many steps.

If you think the McGinley family sounds like something you would be like to be part of, please do keep an eye out for vacancies as we’re always keen to hear from people who read the above and feel ready for the challenge!

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