We’ve got a bit of a literary theme this month.  But not to worry, we’ll probably link the literature theme to a story about the workplace at some point.  Telling a story is what good books do.

Books can tell you a lot about a character.  A book can paint a picture, express how a character really is, vocalise how that character thinks.  A book can remove the ambiguity around a character and put you in their shoes.  Maybe help you understand the actions they’re taking… maybe it could help you understand a character at work (We told you we’d find a link).

So what characters could we help you understand at work? Can we help you identify the Tyrant, recognise the Glitch or understand the Wardrobe?  Could there even be a mixture?

Do you know your Tyrant?  The person who blames all of those who are unfortunate enough to be within range of their wrath, when things go wrong?

Who could be the Glitch? The person who blames the systems for the minor mistake, making a small problem much larger than it needs to be? 

And who is the Wardrobe?  The person who searches high and low for new avenues of success and finds a whole world of innovative solutions where they never suspected them to be?

Obviously we’re all going to want to be the Wardrobe.  But let’s face it, we’re all probably a bit of a mixture depending on how you catch us.  Many Monday Tyrants soon become Wednesday Wardrobes.

Whatever your mood don’t worry, as long as you’re treating others as you wish to be treated that’s all the HR department can ask of you!  If you have seen a comparison though, avert your alarm, it’s only a story after all. 

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