2015 has been a fantastic year for fresh new breakthroughs in the world of science. Here’s our top 5 favourites.

1 - Scientists discover new antibiotics

Scientists have made a vital breakthrough for medical treatment via the means of discovering the first new antibiotic in 30 years. This was achieved through a breakthrough method involving the use of an electronic chip to grow microbes in soil.

2 – Two New Planets in our solar system?

A new study based on calculations by 13 researchers show that there are at least two more planets located in our solar system beyond Pluto's orbit! Whilst this breakthrough, which is based on calculations of gravitational influence, isn't 100% confirmed, we think that the very idea of this deserves a spot on this year's list of scientific breakthroughs!

3 - Three times 20/20 vision as early as 2017

With a newly developed biomechanical lens that could be available as early as 2017, people will be able to see three times better than 20/20 vision via a new painless and pioneering procedure to install the lens in people's eyes.

4 - First 'cyborg' tissue created at Harvard

Bioengineering experts operating within state-of-the-art science labs at Harvard University have successfully created the first examples of cyborg tissue, successfully interweaving nanowires and transistors with human neurons, heart cells, muscle tissue, and blood vessels.

5 - Artificial neurons created that have the ability to bypass damaged nerve cells

In what may revolutionise medical treatment for a range of conditions including paralysis, dementia, and Alzheimer’s, scientists have been successful in producing artificial neurons that can bypass damaged nerve cells to restore neural function!

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