Over the last 12 months, our business has progressed in ways that we couldn’t have dreamed of.

We now employ well over 100 staff across our six businesses and two investment arms (which will be 125+ by the end of 2017), with a plan to reach 350+ staff by 2021, and have become both a Fast Track 100 Company and a 'Top 100 Company To Work For!

None of this could ever be possible without ‘growth’ in both a monetary/business sense, as well as the personal 'growth' of each of our staff.

But why is growth so important?

It’s obvious why monetary growth is important, and in a corporate environment, it really does make the world go round.

But as a group, we put even more time into growing as individuals and as a team - in terms of our performance and development.

Seeing each of our team members grow and flourish in their respective positions is our main priority, which ultimately helps our business grow as a whole! 

Our group is bound by a number of core values that we adhere to at all times. These values are our moral compass, and are the reason why so many new candidates and clients choose to work for McGinley.

These values are as follows:

Motivated - Inspiring candidates & colleagues to maximise their potential

Committed - Delivering the best service to our clients & candidates

Growth - Always looking to grow our customer accounts & our business

Inspirational - Delivering quality & innovative solutions to meet our clients’ business objectives

Network - Striving to grow our network by building & nurturing colleague, client & candidate relationships

Loyalty - Loyal to our customers, staff & to the company

Entrepreneurial - Entrepreneurial spirit = thinking outside the box

Yes - Positive thinking & a passion for what we do

Yes, it’s a happy coincidence that the G in McGinley is capitalised, but we also like to think that it indicates just how important ‘growth’ is to us.

We hope you agree and feel as equally inspired as us to grow (in all senses of the word).

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