MHR is working hard to be recognised as one of The Sunday Times ‘Best Companies to Work for’, and in October – members of our team will be selected to take place in an anonymous survey by The Sunday Times.

The list, which will be published early next year, celebrates the 'best-of-the-best' companies to work for in the UK. This is an area which we put a lot of effort into over the last 12 months, and we would be absolutely delighted to be recognised for this fantastic accolade.

Our Head of Marketing, Melani Nair & HR, Sam Quinn travelled to our offices up and down the country to let people know about the 'prize up for grabs' and how it all works.

In the run up to the survey, we will be carrying out a number of ‘themed’ weeks to help illustrate our eligibility for this prestigious award, and more importantly, to get everyone involved & stuck in.

This week is all about ‘My (Your!) Manager’ where we ask our teams to hold a daily ‘huddle’ with their manager to discuss their progress and plans for the week ahead.

We’re encouraging our teams to be proactive in the realisation of their individual goals, even on a day-to-day basis, as we all work towards our collective company goals.

Every manager at MHR is tasked with inspiring positivity within their own teams, and daily huddles like this can be a fantastic way of maintaining momentum in the right direction, as well as consolidating the opinions of each of our team members.

Within these huddles, our teams speak about team dynamics, their daily achievements, as well as anything that they can improve on. We find that good communication is vital for team-morale and organisation, therefore – these short daily meetings are ideal to make sure everybody in our organisation has their voice.

If a team member needs support or help in reaching their deadlines, the team ‘huddle’ is the time and place for them to shout about it!

Inspiring the fantastic individuals at MHR to work together effectively as a team, is one of the most important aspects of our business. And there’s no-one more important to achieving this goal than our team managers.

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