Did you guess it?  The news we’ve been hiding for months, working hard behind the scenes to make happen?  Did you channel your inner Sherlock and figure out our ruse?

If you didn’t … it’s really nothing to worry about dear Watson, we’ve plenty to explain below - the game is, this time, well and truly afoot…

We’ll start with the main news… the company McGinley Human Resources is no more.  Or certainly not as you know it.  For what we have done is cast the name of MHR to the Reichenbach Falls and have re-imagined ourselves as The McGinley Group.  Bigger, better and brighter things lie ahead for us.

No longer one company consisting of six divisions, we are now six companies all of whom combine to become The McGinley Group.  Each company retains the same staff, locations and the high levels of knowledge and client care earned over our seven years as MHR, but each company is now able to expand and evolve into larger entities.  We’re also delighted to have Unite People join us in our evolution as an investment arm of the Group, with Unite offering us yet further exposure to the construction market, diversifying our offering and helping us take advantage of the white collar labour market.

These evolutions and changes are a vital part of allowing every company and investment to take advantage of bigger opportunities, delivering more and more of the high-quality placements and candidates required!

The day-to-day running of the McGinley Group will remain the same as it ever was whilst we existed as MHR, with only the slightest of changes being felt (Invoices shall arrive from McGinley CEP/Aviation/etc. instead of McGinley Human Resources, for example).  You can rest assured that we have strived over the last six months to ensure that the transition period will pass as seamlessly as possible.  In fact, we’re so confident of a seamless transition, we’re nigh on certain you’ll barely notice all of our hard work when the changeover occurs!

Yet what we’re confident you will notice are the growing levels of opportunities we’ll be sending your way as each company evolves and grows organically.  We felt we had done all we could as one company.  It was time to evolve and move to the next level.  We can’t wait for you to join us on the journey.

If you have any questions at all regarding the changeover, please feel free to email or call your regular McGinley contact, we’ll be delighted to talk through anything that you may be unsure of.

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