Ever wondered if you could be as popular at work as you are in your friendship circles? Whilst being a good colleague can also relate to being a good friend, there are a few subtle but important differences. This week we’re focussing on how you can improve the relationships you have with your co-workers.

Be a positive force

When you walk into work, you want people to smile, say hello, and generally be happy to see you. But if you find that the atmosphere changes, becomes quieter, and people avoid eye contact with you, it could well be because you’re viewed as a negative influence on the office atmosphere.

Whatever you do, don’t be that person.

Instead, walk in and say a very cheery “hello” to your colleagues. Don’t be disappointed that it’s Monday, and instead of sulking by your computer, ask what people got up to in their free time.

Don’t just talk ‘shop’

Over-obsessing about work can make you unpopular in an office environment, so avoid this by embracing the power of small talk. Take an active interest in the lives of your colleagues and ask them questions about what’s going on with them. This might seem unnatural to you at first, but soon enough we’re sure that you’ll be quizzing your colleagues in a way that will make you closer to them.

Be responsive

A colleague who is easily contactable via email or phone generally gets more respect from the office.

And work on your email & phone voice tone. Be excited and dynamic in the way that you communicate through these channels so that you come across as being happy to be a part of the conversation.

Being readily available to your colleagues means that your ears and eyes are open, and that you want to liaise and be involved with people.

Acknowledge your colleagues’ achievements

Cheer on your co-workers when something goes right. It’s too often that we focus on people’s flaws, and what has gone badly, especially in business. But between colleagues this is obsolete. When something goes right, be it a small win or a huge one, make a big deal about it… because your colleagues’ success is a big deal… right?

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