Being a teacher is complicated. In order to do right by your class you will need to enforce particular rules in order to keep your pupils focussed and attentive at all times. Here's three quick tips that you can use to retain order in your classroom.

Communication, Communication, Communication

Yes, we are mis-quoting Tony Blair here, but on the topic of the importance of educating your pupils, communication really does play the biggest and most important role. Make sure that you clearly communicate your classroom rules to your pupils. From here you can be firm but fair, i.e if a pupil breaks a rule that he or she has been clearly warned of, then you will be able to discipline them whilst retaining respect from the rest of your class.

Give your pupils the benefit of the doubt

Laying down the law heavily the first time a pupil plays-up can have a detrimental effect on your class’s opinion of you as a teacher. A child who has not understood your rules, and therefore breaks them, should not be heavily punished in the first instance. Instead of immediately disciplining said child, consider re-explaining your rules, giving them the benefit of the doubt. If they continue to misbehave, only then should you consider laying down the law in a more clinical manner.

Resist the need to argue

Even after breaking your rules on multiple occasions, a pupil is still likely to plead his or her innocence. Instead of getting into a heated argument with the mis-behaving pupil, to be more effective as an authoritative figure, you will need to keep your calm, explain your rules, give them plenty of time to respond, before replying with the appropriate action.

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